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Submitted by jaredtate on 30 March 2018




Thank you all for supporting DigiByte and for being a part of the DGB community. This is a very exciting time and 2018 is off to a great start! There is much in the works and we a lot of very talented individuals donating their time to make DigiByte better each and every day. We have seen tremendous community growth since last September and we are looking forward to even more growth worldwide into 2018.

Submitted by DigiJosiah on 7 March 2018

Announcing the DigiByte “Bounty Fund”

We’re shaking things up a little and want to try something different to help the developers out:

We need more help with getting these wallets out the door, we want to pay someone to help, and we want the community to come together to help fund this!

Announcing the DigiByte Bounty Fund! With thanks to for the image

Let’s talk about the development side, and then we’ll go over the fundraising.